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The four stand-alone stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami and a roving list of pop-ups at larger retailers in Aspen and Los Angeles consistently draw in the downtown, cool customer thanks to a cool look- but also, coveted product. Kith sits at the center of the cult sneaker buyer community, where Nike and Adidas consistently battle it outfor the most coveted releases that send collectors (and re-sellers) into a frenzy.Outside of Adidas, KITH was the only e-retailer to carry Kanye West's eponymous Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in Core Black.Nike's Space Jam XI sneaker, a limited edition re-release of the Air Jordan XI that debuted in the 1996 film, Space Jam, was toted by Trevor Edwards, president of Nike, INC, as "the largest and most successful shoe launch in the history of Nike." KITH's Manhattan store was one of few in New York to carry it. Add to that the limited edition (sometimes less than 20 pair) brand collaborations that Fiegco-designs, an effort that dates back to 2007 when he first partneredwith Asicsto help the brand reimaginetheir archival Gel-Lyte 3(since then, over 25 unique Asics designs have been created under Fieg'sdirection.) With Kith, he has also partnered with Timberland, Adidas, Off-White, and even Coca-Cola to mark each with his taste and style. And for years, Fieg's taste has been influenced and honed through his passion for, and proximity to, hip hop. THE DAVID Z CONNECTION Born in Queens in the 80s, Fieg started working in Manhattan at the popular8th Street shoe retailer David Z at age 14. It was 1996; hip hop was in the midst of its glory and David Z was at the heart of New York music culture. "For me, that was the best time in my life," says Fieg. "That's why you see "1996" on a lot of the [Kithland] apparel - because 1996 was the yearthat culturally impacted me the most.I got to meet and help all of my idols. All of them were coming into the shop." Jay-Z, Fieg remembers, would come in every weekend to buy a fresh pair of Timberland boots; Fieg sold Lauryn Hill the Gortex boots that she referenced on her single "Ready or Not" ("In some Gortex and sweats/I make treks like I'm homeless.") During his time at David Z, Fieg watched as hip hop changed the footwear industry, moving it from Timberlands and Clarks' Wallabees to Domo Nikes. "I don't think there's any other genre of music that can cosign a style the way hip-hop can and be as successful as hip hop has made certain brands and styles," he says. "It was a very influential era into what shaped not only fashion today but the whole sneaker world and sneaker collecting. Those artists shaped not only who I am today in terms of what I like in music and my taste in music, but shaped basically my taste in clothing and style and lifestyle back when I was a kid," My brother @danielarsham is releasing my favorite FUTURE RELIC tomorrow.

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